“Cuba, Libre?” Submitted to Film Festivalss

Che and Flag Mural Carol M Highsmith Col LOCCuba, Libre? has been submitted to these eight 2016 film festivals in the Western U.S.:

  • Sonoma International Film Festival (Sonoma, California, March 30-April 3)
  • 25th Arizona International Film Festival (Tucson, Arizona, April 14-May 1)
  • DocuWest International Film Festival (Denver, Colorado, May 11-15)
  • Seattle International Film Festival (Seattle, Washington, May 19-June 21)
  • Santa Monica International Film Festival (Santa Monica, California, July 23-24)
  • Oregon Independent Film Festival (Portland & Eugene, Oregon, September 19-28)
  • Santa Fe Independent Film Festival (Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 19-23)
  • Napa Valley Film Festival (Napa, California, November 9-13)

Subscribe to the Cuba, Libre? Website to learn if and when the film will be screened at those venues.

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