“Cuba, Libre?” Ranks High in Great Lakes Film Festival “Audience Choice Award” Voting


Many thanks to those who cast a vote in favor of Cuba, Libre? in the 2019 Great Lakes International Film Festival’s “Audience Choice Award” competition.

The official voting tally hasn’t been released, but according to the reckoning by filmmaker, Dick Jordan, Cuba, Libre? finished first in the voting among 150 films submitted in the “Documentary Feature” category.

One interesting outcome of the voting: None of the three films which festival judges nominated for “Best Documentary Feature” received even a single vote in the “Audience Choice Award” competition.

If the festival gave out “Audience Choice Awards” in each of the 18 categories of films, Cuba, Libre? would be a winner.

However, it appears that the “Audience Choice Award” will go only to the top vote-getter across all categories, with the next three films in the overall voting receiving recognition from the festival.

Cuba, Libre? appears to have finished in the number nine spot overall, which is still rather remarkable since (if one counts all films listed in each category, which could include some that were entered in more than one category) the list of films in the festival appears to have topped 2,700.

It’s 50 For “Cuba, Libre?”

Four years ago as the editing phase for Cuba, Libre? was wrapping up, filmmaker colleagues suggested that it be submitted to film festivals.

Cuba Libre Clifton OS B on W

As of today, the film has been an Official Selection of 50 festivals and that number could well increase during the next year as Cuba, Libre? continues its journey on the film festival circuit in the U.S. and abroad.

“Cuba, Libre?” Closes In on Film Award



Cuba, Libre? currently is in third place in voting for an Audience Choice Award at the 2019 Great Lakes International Film Festival. Voting ends at midnight EDT (9:00 pm PDT) today, Saturday, September 28th.

“Cuba, Libre?” is currently trailing the leading film for the award by just 11 votes.

You can help “Cuba, Libre?” win that award by watching it online ($1.99 fee) and then clicking on the “Vote Now” button to cast your vote in favor of it.


Watch “Cuba, Libre?” Online

Cuba Libre Great Lakes OS B on W

As of today Cuba, Libre? has been shown on over 60 non-commercial TV stations across the U.S., has been in 48 film festivals, won 17 awards, as well as having been shown at public and private screenings in Oregon and California.

Usually you would have to travel to a film festival to see the film. But between now and September 28th you can watch it online by “attending” the Great Lakes International Film Festival “Virtual Festival.”

Just visit the “Cuba, Libre?” page on the GLIFF Website to view the trailer and then click on the “Click Here to Watch Now” button near the bottom of the page, pay the $1.99 online ticket fee, and play the entire 56 minute film on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

“Cuba, Libre?” Hits 49!


Today Cuba, Libre? became a film festival Official Selection for the 49th time and the fifth time in the last thirty days.

It is the second time in the last month that it has been picked by a film festival in the Netherlands.

This time it was MoziMotion 2019, which will take place October 5-13, 2019 at Hilversum, North Holland that made the film an Official Selection.

Two weeks ago The Hague Global Film Festival, scheduled for November 15-17, 2019, chose Cuba, Libre?


“Cuba, Libre?” In The Hunt For Another Documentary Film Award

Cuba Libre Finalist DIFF B on W

Cuba, Libre? has just been named a “Finalist” for the “Best Short Documentary” award at next month’s Davis International Film Festival to be held October 23-25, 2019 in Davis, California, just west of the California State Capitol in Sacramento.

The screening date and time for the film has not as yet been set but Director/Producer, Dick Jordan, hopes to be able to attend and walk away with the film’s 18th award.

New Urban Film Festival Screening Date In October Set For “Cuba, Libre?”


Bad news: Hurricane “Dorian” scuttled the end-of-August screening of Cuba, Libre? as well as other films at this year’s Urban Film Festival in Miami.

Good news: Miami wasn’t hammered by the storm and the festival has been rescheduled to October with Cuba, Libre? on the silver screen late in the evening of Saturday, October 12th.

Director/Producer, Dick Jordan, will not be able to attend the festival but has asked Zuzy Martin Lynch of Miami, the Director of the award-winning documentary, Craving Cuba, to go in his stead.

Craving Cuba Poster

The two met at the 2015 Mill Valley Film Festival when both were living in Marin County, California, and simultaneously working on their respective Cuba documentary films that would be released in 2016.

It’s Number 48 For “Cuba, Libre?”

Cuba Libre Davis IFF OS B on W

For the third time in the last week, and fourth time in the past three weeks, Cuba, Libre? has been made a film festival Official Selection.
If it is chosen as a finalist for “Best Documentary,” the film will be screened at the Davis International Film Festival to be held from October 23-26, 2019 in Davis, California.

“Cuba, Libre?” Picked Again

Cuba Libre Great Lakes OS B on W

For the 47th time since its January, 2016 release, and the second time this week Cuba, Libre? has been a film festival “Official Selection.”

It will be shown along with over 300 other films via the”virtual theater system” of the 18th Annual Great Lakes International Film Festival which will run on-line from September 19th through 28th.

If it is nominated for an award Cuba, Libre? will be screened before a live audience at the festival.

“Cuba, Libre?” Hits 46

Cuba Libre OS The Hague GC B on W

Today Cuba, Libre? became a film festival selection for the 46th time since its release in January of 2016 when it was chosen by The Hague Global Cinema Festival.

In its notification of the selection, the festival said:

“We take this opportunity to congratulate you for the great cinema work. Your submission faced tough competition from around 900 submissions from over 80 countries. Great work! Keep it up!”

If it becomes an Award Finalist, Cuba, Libre? will be shown in November at the festival in The Hague in the Netherlands.