New Urban Film Festival Screening Date In October Set For “Cuba, Libre?”


Bad news: Hurricane “Dorian” scuttled the end-of-August screening of Cuba, Libre? as well as other films at this year’s Urban Film Festival in Miami.

Good news: Miami wasn’t hammered by the storm and the festival has been rescheduled to October with Cuba, Libre? on the silver screen late in the evening of Saturday, October 12th.

Director/Producer, Dick Jordan, will not be able to attend the festival but has asked Zuzy Martin Lynch of Miami, the Director of the award-winning documentary, Craving Cuba, to go in his stead.

Craving Cuba Poster

The two met at the 2015 Mill Valley Film Festival when both were living in Marin County, California, and simultaneously working on their respective Cuba documentary films that would be released in 2016.