“Cuba, Libre?” Ranks High in Great Lakes Film Festival “Audience Choice Award” Voting


Many thanks to those who cast a vote in favor of Cuba, Libre? in the 2019 Great Lakes International Film Festival’s “Audience Choice Award” competition.

The official voting tally hasn’t been released, but according to the reckoning by filmmaker, Dick Jordan, Cuba, Libre? finished first in the voting among 150 films submitted in the “Documentary Feature” category.

One interesting outcome of the voting: None of the three films which festival judges nominated for “Best Documentary Feature” received even a single vote in the “Audience Choice Award” competition.

If the festival gave out “Audience Choice Awards” in each of the 18 categories of films, Cuba, Libre? would be a winner.

However, it appears that the “Audience Choice Award” will go only to the top vote-getter across all categories, with the next three films in the overall voting receiving recognition from the festival.

Cuba, Libre? appears to have finished in the number nine spot overall, which is still rather remarkable since (if one counts all films listed in each category, which could include some that were entered in more than one category) the list of films in the festival appears to have topped 2,700.