Cuba, Libre? scored its fifth “Best Documentary” award and its 19th award overall at October’s Peak City International Film Festival in Apex, North Carolina.

Because of the coronavirus this year the festival’s award ceremony was a “virtual one” with none of the winning filmmakers able to walk down the red carpet and receive their awards in person.

Here’s a short clip from the hour and half-plus event during which the award of a “Gaddy Gold” award to Cuba, Libre? was announced.

(A longer clips that explains more about the festival and its award system can be viewed via this link.)

Cuba, Libre? has previously received “Best Documentary” awards from the Festigious International Film Festival, Hollywood Sun Awards, Canada’s Yes! Let’s Make A Movie Film Festival, and Mindfield Albuquerque festivals.

The film has placed second in the “Best Documentary” competition at the Spotlight Documentary Awards, Snowdance Film Awards and the Hollywood Forever Film Festival.

It has been a Semi-Finalist for “Best Documentary” at the New York International Films Infest Festival Sands Film Festival, 4th Rosarito International Film Festival, and Vegas Movie Awards, and a Finalist at the Highway 61 Film Festival, CV Indie Film Awards, Davis International Film Festival, Rome Independent Prisma Film Awards, Chicago Amarcord Arthouse Television Awards, and Roma Cinema Docs festival.

Cuba, Libre? has also been nominated for “Best Documentary” in these festivals in addition to the ones listed above: Move Me Productions – Belgium Film Festival, Romford Film Festival, and Top Indie Film Awards.