The Seattle Film Festival has just nominated Cuba, Libre? for its “Best International Documentary Feature” film award. It will compete with six other nominated films for the top honors.

The film was submitted in the “Best Documentary Feature” award competition but this year SFF created a second “Best Feature Doc” category, “Best International Documentary Feature.”


The festival has also nominated Cuba, Libre? for the “Best Cinematography Documentary Feature” award.

Award winners are expected to be announced on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 and may be screened at the 2021 SFF event since the coronavirus prevented screenings before live audiences this year.

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“Cuba, Libre?” Named A Finalist By Yet Another Film Festival

The Seattle Film Festival is the 65th festival to recognize Cuba, Libre?

SFF had originally planned to screen films before live audiences in Seattle this weekend. But those plans were nixed by restrictions imposed by the State of Washington to control the spread of the coronavirus.

The festival will announce award nominees and winners and the latter films may be shown at the 2021 edition of SFF.