Cuba, Libre? has just become a film festival “Official Selection” for the 78th time since its release in January of 2016.

The Cobb International Film Festival will be held from August 4-7, 2022 in the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre on Marietta Square in Marietta, Georgia, about a 45 minute drive northwest from Atlanta. Cuba, Libre? will be competing for the festival’s “Best Documentary” award.

The festival is a meeting place for filmmakers and people who are interested in the world in all its variety and different approaches to life and offers filmmakers a platform to introduce their work and discuss topics shown in the film as well as the filmmaking process to encourage and create dialogue between people.

The festival accepts feature-length films, short films and documentary films of all lengths from filmmakers at all different levels.

“Cuba, Libre?” Wins Another Award

It is the 23rd award the film has won including 7 for “Best Documentary.”
The AFF has also awarded an Honorable Mention to filmmaker Dick Jordan’s other documentary Remembering Kindertransport about Marion Walter, a young Jewish girl who escaped Germany in the British Kindertransport project that took children like herself to live in England on the eve of World War II.
Walter later emigrated to the United States and became a noted professor of mathematics at universities in the U.S. (Click here to watch the film’s trailer.)