Update: “Cuba, Libre?” At Film Festivals

Within two weeks I will know if Cuba, Libre? will be screened at the Santa Monica International Film Festival to be held in Santa Monica, California on July 23rd.


The documentary about the history of travel to Cuba by Americans from the early decades of the 20th century to the present remains under consideration at these additional film festivals to be held during 2016:

  • Destiny City Film Festival and Screenplay Competition (Tacoma, Washington) August 26-27
  • California Independent Film Festival (Danville, California) September 8-14
  • Oregon Independent Film Festival (Eugene and Portland, Oregon) September 18-28
  • Port Townsend Film Festival (Port Townsend, Washington) September 23-25
  • New Orleans Film Festival (New Orleans, Louisiana) October 12-21
  • Santa Fe Independent Film Festival (Santa Fe, New Mexico) October 19-23
  • SaMo Indie Fest (Santa Monica, California) November 4-6
  • Napa Valley Film Festival (Napa Valley, California November 9-13
  • Monarch Film Festival (Pacific Grove, California) December 15-16

“Cuba, Libre?” to Screen at Oakland Festival

Cuba, Libre? has been chosen as an Official Selection of the 2016 Visual Radio Network Festival.

It and other films will be screened beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, April 29th, 2016, in the theater of Where Media Meets Studios, located in the Oakland International Airport Business Center, 8393 Capwell Drive, Oakland, California 94621.

VRNF Cuba Libre Laurels

Here is more information about the festival and the April 29th event excerpted from the festival’s Website.

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“Cuba, Libre?” Submitted to Four More Festivals

Committee for Defense of Rev Mural CMH Loc

Cuba, Libre? has just been submitted to these four film festivals in the Western U.S. during 2016, in addition to the eight mentioned in our last blog post:

  • The Visual Radio Network Festival (Oakland, California, April 29-May 1)
  • San Francisco Documentary Festival (San Francisco, California, June 2-16)
  • California Independent Film Festival (Danville, California, September 9-14)
  • Port Townsend Film Festival (Port Townsend, Washington, September 23-25)


“Cuba, Libre?” Submitted to Film Festivalss

Che and Flag Mural Carol M Highsmith Col LOCCuba, Libre? has been submitted to these eight 2016 film festivals in the Western U.S.:

  • Sonoma International Film Festival (Sonoma, California, March 30-April 3)
  • 25th Arizona International Film Festival (Tucson, Arizona, April 14-May 1)
  • DocuWest International Film Festival (Denver, Colorado, May 11-15)
  • Seattle International Film Festival (Seattle, Washington, May 19-June 21)
  • Santa Monica International Film Festival (Santa Monica, California, July 23-24)
  • Oregon Independent Film Festival (Portland & Eugene, Oregon, September 19-28)
  • Santa Fe Independent Film Festival (Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 19-23)
  • Napa Valley Film Festival (Napa, California, November 9-13)

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