How Trump’s Plan Policy Changes Will Affect Travel to Cuba by Americans

At an event held in Miami back in June, Donald Trump announced proposed changes to U.S. policy regarding travel to Cuba by Americans which Cuba, Libre? filmmaker, Dick Jordan, analyzed in a post to his online travel magazine, Tales Told From The Road.

Coincidentally, yesterday just before Cuba, Libre? screened last night in Eugene, Oregon, the PBS Newshour aired the the following segment on how those policy changes, if implemented, would impact both Americans planning on visiting the islands and the Cuban government and more importantly, Cuban entrepreneurs involved in tourism.

As the Treasury Department, whose Office of Foreign Assets Control has regulatory control over travel to Cuba by Americans, pointed out on July 25, 2017, it must adopt new regulations before the policy changes announced by Trump can take effect. The PBS Newshour story indicates that those new regulations may be announced next month.