“Cuba, Libre?” Gets A Radio Show Mention

Oldly GoThanks to M.J. Pramik for mentioning me and my documentary film about Cuba last Sunday when she and Anne Sigmon were guests on FCC Free Radio’s “Lily Cat on Stuff” show talking about travel, travel writing, and their stories in the recently-released anthology, “To Oldly Go: Tales of Adventurous Travel by the Over-60s .

Mary Jean (MJ) Pramik is an author, novelist, poet, travel writer, science reporter, and teacher. She has contributed to numerous magazines and journals, anthologies and travel books including Good Housekeeping, Odyssey, and the National Enquirer as well as Ophthalmology Times, Nature Biotechnology, Drug Topics, and Cosmetic Surgery News. She is one of five travel writers who appear in Cuba, Libre?

Anne Sigmon is the author of the memoir in progress Scrambling Back: One Woman’s Quest to Return to the Wild After Stroke and Autoimmune Disease.

Both are headed to Spain next month. Look for stories of their Iberian adventures (or misadventures) to appear in print down the road.



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